Time marches on…


No make up, wrinkles just hanging out there for the world to see.

I’m getting older. It’s obvious. I can see the little lines around my eyes when I smile or laugh. We celebrated my baby’s 3rd birthday (and my own 3-0 is marked with both frowney and smiley faces on the calendar sooner than I’d like). I’ve owned a dog of my own long enough that she’s now taking arthritis pills with her kibbles. But nothing tells me that more than the way my body feels. In the mornings I can feel just a hint of stiffness in these old joints. I’ve had a nagging pain in my back on and off since O was a a newborn. I’m tired after ambling around in the heat without AC on these lovely German summer days. My knees ache after kneeling in church or when O climbs on them. My face may sometimes hide my age, but this week my body told me just how old I really am. After several days of staying up late and waking up early planning for the greatest pirate birthday party Germany has ever seen, it was very near shutting down on me. Everything just hurt. I was so tired last night I almost felt drunk (before my celebratory piña colada).

I was thankful for the rain today. It gave me a chance to recover after such a fun/festive/feverish week. We stayed inside and just snuggled/rested on the sofa for the most part. But I’m wondering, if you stay in your pajamas all day, do you just go to bed in those same pajamas? I’m thinking it might be less sad if I at least put on a fresh pair…


Some days….

Germans actually think it’s a good thing when you have spiders in your house. It means that it’s not too damp.

Wut? o_O

I am clearly not a German. I spent the better half of my day waging a war against them. I think they hitched a ride in the boxes we’ve stored in my in-laws’ garage. But seriously, I found like 5 of them in my house. Fortunately, I have a lovely spider killing machine that also functions as a vacuum cleaner. It’s still so gross thinking they were here in my house. Ick. I’m probably not going to sleep well tonight….. I’ll be thinking I can hear them having a neighborhood watch meeting to discuss the crazy spider-killing lady….

What next?

Well, well, well. There are big changes coming up in the next few months. Where do I begin?


I guess I should start with the job situations. Yes, plural 🙂 No, I haven’t yet gotten my nursing certification recognized here. Still trying to get through the mounds of red tape and I need a document from OLOL that doesn’t exist (yeah, good luck with that Shelley). HOWEVER, the lovely people at Vivat Lingua offer medical terminology courses in English for healthcare personnel in the area. And they just happen to need a new teacher. It’s just a little part-time job, and it’s not like a big salary or anything, but you guys have no idea the weight that has been lifted off my (durable, yet weary) shoulders. I will be back in society as a productive citizen. I know some women love being full-time stay at home moms. I applaud those women and all they love they put into their families and homes. But I need at least a little of that other world. And this gives a me a chance to get out of the house and justify paying to send Oli to Kindergarten.

Speaking of Kindergarten, Oli is very excited about going to his new Kindergarten in Albstadt-Ebingen! Yup folks, A got a position at one of the high schools in his home town. We found a lovely apartment with a patio, balcony and a yard! Ok, so I’m not really excited about yardwork or the uphill hike to the apartment, but it won out because it was cheaper and Armin liked the view of the mountains. We’ll be moving in September, if we can get it painted and hang light fixtures in an orderly fashion. We’ll see.

My plans for August are focused solely on Oli’s birthday and packing. It works out conveniently. I’ve got Oli’s birthday present (a huge ridable back hoe) under a sheet behind a pile of boxes. He hasn’t even noticed it…