Long overdure Mardi Gras post- since it’s aready post-Easter

So I just realized I never posted anything about Mardi Gras here in the Schwabish part of Germany. And that is kind of a shame. Because it’s definitely not “Mardi Gras” like we think of it. It’s not even really Carnival. Yeah, ok, so it’s celebrated in the weeks before Ash Wednesday. But while most countries combined the pagan drinking and fertility traditions with the transition into the penitential season of Lent, Schwabians combined it with their old pagan traditions of scaring away winter…


Wearing creepy masks to scare away Winter.

It doesn’t really lead to the glamor and bright colors of most carnival traditions elsewhere else, but it’s highly entertaining nonetheless. It’s not even called Karnival like in Koln. Here, it’s called “Fasching”. They don’t throw beads, but they do give out little candies and throw confetti on people. I guess one way they are the same is that a lot of people get drunk at some point.


Drunken witches lay down in the street for a break during their march in the parade.


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