Looooooong night

Sometimes its hard to be far from home. Especially when you don’t speak the language. And your husband just doesn’t know how to communicate with other humans in any capacity. O is sick. He had a fever. He has a little cough. It’s not frequent or persistent, but when he does cough, he chokes/gags/vomits a little. We called for a doctor. He came. He talked too fast and I couldn’t understand him. A was in one of his moods where he doesn’t feel like actually exchanging verbal messages with people, so he didn’t bother to translate for me, nor did he really say much to the doctor.

Long story short: I now have a box of anti-vomiting suppositories for a child who needs a cough suppressant. I wonder if this stuff is interchangeable like Phenergan?


Globalisierung (globalization)

I promise to have a nice long post about Germany’s version of Mardi Gras. Soon. But I lost my stupid camera somewhere in this mess of a house and honestly, you need the pictures to really understand what I’m talking about.

But, my friend Brooke made a suggestion when I was visiting home back in December and I think I’ll take her up on it: I should post when I have those moments of “WTF, Germany?” So here goes my first crack at it…

I’ve noticed that the younger generation in Germany and many other countries have embraced the globalization of the world and even more so, embraced English. So you see a lot of ads in English. Even for companies that are totally German. You also see cheeky little signs or cards in gift shops with English phrases. And even the kids wear clothes with English on them. It’s interesting and sometimes a welcome break for my brain.

The only slight problem is that, like in most other languages too, a word can mean one thing on its own but when coupled with another word, takes on a whole new meaning. Let’s go over some examples I have seen recently:

1) The first time I noticed it, I saw a cute little house outside the pet store. It said in big bright painted on letters: CATHOUSE. Umm, yeah. Guys? We call those “Cat Condos”. There’s a different kind of kitty in a Cat House…..

2) Then there was the ads for the gym in Reutlingen. Featuring the new “Lady Area”. I’ve heard of a “Ladies Only Area” or the “Women’s Fitness Section”. But the only time I ever heard of a lady area was in nursing school a 15 year old had an itch in her “lady area”.

3) Continuing on with this theme, here’s the last WTF? for this post. Written on the jackets of a girls marching troop in the parade “Magic Muffins”. I’ll just let you think about that one on your own for a while.

Oddly enough, I recall asking A once if there are various words for female parts (for science). He said he only knew of the more medical term Vagina (yep, it’s the same, just gets a capital). He was too busy in high school playing dungeons and dragons to be asking the girls what they called their Lady Area.