It snowed. In October. Like, it really snowed. This wasn’t some Louisiana once in a blue moon flurry. It snowed. Inches and inches. And the first thing I thought of when I looked out of the window that morning was “It’s too early for this nonsense.” I don’t know if I was referring to the time (it was maybe 7:30 am) or the fact that it was snowing IN OCTOBER already.

O was standing in front of our house wondering what all of the white stuff was.



I was assured by my in-laws that this is not the norm, nor is it an indication of some God-awful harsh winter ahead of us. I really hope they weren’t lying to me just to calm down the hysteria that laced my voice in the conversations over the weather. Ok, so I wasn’t hysterical, but I wasn’t quite happy about it snowing so freaking early. I guess I will just see for myself, now won’t I?

Mom, what is this stuff? Can I play in it?

Fortunately, the show stopped and the weather has picked back up to only being quite chilly and not downright freezing. And in the mean time, we did enjoy going outside and doing all of those things that Southerners find charming about snow- making snowmen, seeing the houses so pretty blanketed in white. I had an urge to drag out the Christmas decorations. It just seemed appropriate.

Oh, so I can roll it in a big ball like this?


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