What is a bored Hausfrau to do?

Well, I tell ya, I’m certainly not getting skinny by spending my days on a treadmill and my floors are always gross (by my standards, Oli and others would still eat off of them). No, I’ve chosen to pursue more entertaining/stressful ventures with my new free time.

It started with the 8-feet-too-long-curtains we bought from Ikea. I asked Armin if we could possibly add a sewing machine to the moving in budget. Nothing fancy, definitely not a Singer (although I almost peed myself when I later saw one for a steal at Aldi). But it works, it has several stitch functions, and it’s fairly quiet (a plus for when you sew long hours into the night).

So I started with the curtains. Easy. Done.

Then I made a little purse for my little Fashionista Niece:

I saw the fabric and knew I had to make something cute with it!

Then I got a really great idea. Great in theory that is. It started with a brief search through several stores for “nice” children’s clothes. Yes, this is Europe. And yes I could go out and buy pretty much any couture line for babies. And O would be most fashionable. But none if it is nice. None of those cute little rompers for church. No crisp white button down shirts. No fancy little white leather shoes. It SUCKS. How am I supposed to make my little Southern Gentlemanbaby look all cute and adorable???? Answer: Make this.

Oli’s Christmas Outfit!

This little gem almost made me pull my hair out. Burda is a pattern company that makes patterns for sale in Both Gemrany and the US. When I found the Burda Style pattern for this, with English on the outside of the package, I thought “Cha-Ching! This is it!” Unfortunately, when I got it home, the directions had every language BUT English. Uggggghhhh! Also, there is a glaring typo in there (really, REALLY confusing).

However, now my little man will have a beautiful romper to wear on Christmas. We’ll be home then, but my biggest fear would be getting to Louisiana and not finding anything in his size that I liked (which happened last Christmas and I had to settle on something).


One thought on “What is a bored Hausfrau to do?

  1. Congrats on your entry into the world of sewing! I love making dresses, etc, but have very little time to do it anymore (and I’m really bad at finishing things…)

    P.S. I love that you’re a hausfrau.

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