Rainy days

So, I hope that the new theme doesn’t nauseate anyone. It’s a bit much, but I’m missing Halloween so much right now that I couldn’t resist!

What am I not missing about home? The humid, rainy weather. Why not? Oh, cause we’ve been having our own rainy days here. And despite being from South Louisiana, I’m not very well accustomed to the rain. I realized this on my walk to and from O’s Kindergarten to pick him up this afternoon. I normally enjoy the 15 minute walk there (I go through the middle of “town”). And we take our time on the way back to the house as O usually doesn’t want to ride in the stroller the whole way, or he wants to stop and look at a bus or something. But today it sucked. It was raining, so no stroller b/c I don’t have one of those plastic bubble boy covers for it (I had asked husband if we could get one, but he said “Oh, you can just use the car when it rains” Lotta good that does me when he took the car to school and left his cell at home). So I hurry through town, I’m wearing my bootcut jeans, so they’re wet by the time I get to the school. O is so excited to see me. He grabs my hand and walks us outside into the rain and starts screaming “Nass (wet)! Mamma, nass! EEeeehhh!” Great… Of course, we aren’t even down the block and he wants me to pick him up and carry him. At least O got in a little nap on the ride home.



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