Vacation Re-Cap

Europe, I love you, with your crazy naked little children running around, young adults making out in public and mothers who no longer give a crap about what they look like in public. Well, they do give a crap, maybe. But if they have a mommy pouch, who cares, they’re still gonna rock that bikini at the beach. Even if they are a size 24.

We spent a week in Crete- a beautiful island in the Mediterranean. We stayed in a resort near Rethymnio which used to be a big port city. It was amazing. The resort itself was really nice- fairly new looking, clean, the staff was very friendly. Unfortunately, the wireless internet was non-existent, so it’s taken me a while to get to post all about it.


Look at those gorgeous green plants!

Overall, it was a pretty good vacation. The company that we booked with is a German company and I was a little concerned when we got to the hotel and all of the staff kept speaking in German. Fortunately, they also spoke English (thank goodness!). It was great to be in the warm sunshine and O really enjoyed playing in the sand. We kept him covered in a light layer of “Magic Lotion” (sunblock). He even helped mommy apply hers. What a sweet baby. He also got a new toy on vacation. There was a racecar float toy in the kiddie pool and O tried to bully every kid off of it so he could ride it. We decided after the first day to get him his own. Nothing worse than seeing your kid yell “Get Down!” at some unsuspecting kid who doesn’t speak English.


O’s new pool toy!