Der Train is Kaput

I treated myself to an ice cream today, and chips. Oh, and I bought a few hair doo-dads and some nail polish remover and a new pair of tweezers and a headband and some handcreme. Basically I did retail therapy without the horror of trying to figure out my European sizes. (Americans keep the numbers much smaller, a US size 8 is like a size 28 here. I just couldn’t stomach all of that this afternoon.)

So what brought on this need for a stress reliever? Was it my evermore-spoiled-by-the-day 20-month-old toddler’s screaming fits? Was it the test I have in German language class tomorrow? The one I have to pass to pass the course? Nah, that’s all that is a cakewalk compare to my afternoon…

I should have known something was amiss when I heard an announcement at the Banhoff (train station) in Tuebingen. Everyone on the platform started walking down the stairs, so I followed suit. We all get to another platform and the train arrives and it says “Albstadt-Ebingen”. Okay, we’re good. That’s where I need to go, so I guess I’ll get on this train. Things go as usual. I actually met a British woman who moved here with her German husband. But when we get to Moessingen, the train stops and lingers. I’m wondering what’s going on when a man who looks like he might work for the public transit comes through saying something that sounded like “Nich nach german german flugen hugen something something BUS” hmmmm…. well, everyone else seems to be getting off now and going to that bus parked at the station, the one that says another city’s name on it. I hear another guy ask “German German Albstadt?” To which transit worker replies, “Ja, german something something german.” Ok, I’ll just follow this guy. We run to the bus, which is already overcrowded. I stand practically in the doorway. I’m not sure if the door can close with me in the way like this so I lean way too close to some 14 year old guy- I’m not about to miss this bus! Moments later, I notice that the kid is checking out my rack, so I no longer feel bad about practically sexually assaulting him. We make a few stops in a couple of towns, very few people get out. By the time we reach Hechingen’s Bus/Train Station, I’m sandwiched between the Albstadt Man and some Turkish girls that scream every time the bus turns one way or the other. Everyone starts getting off the bus, including Albstadt Man. Wtf? Some public transit working is yelling out information that I can’t understand. A few people are talking about the next train that apparently isn’t coming. We have to wait 40 minutes for the next train to come. That one will take us to Albstadt. Albstadt Man is outwardly pissed off- pointing to his watch and giving the transit worker an earful. Once again we had to change platforms. At this point I’m just one of the sheep.

Needless to say, after all of this headache, I thoroughly enjoyed spending a few Euro at the drugstore. Now, to study for that test… Can I have another ice cream?


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