Guten Tag!

First full day in Germany as an ex-pat:

Started the morning off with a train into Tubingen. This alone was entertaining. People-watching included a man wearing an ascot and punked out Euro-teens (pretty much as bad as the hipster-youth in the US that I want to kick in the teeth wearing skinny jeans with oversized high-top sneakers). German language class was not all that bad. The teachers only speak German and us students just fumble through and make asses of ourselves. By happenstance, I sat down next to the other American in the class (not a totally unlikely scenario, we only have 6 students). I think I learned a few things, but a lot of it was phrases I already knew. I was already a bit confused at times, though, so we’ll see how I fair in the long run. After class was over, Husband and I drove back to Albstadt to register me and Oli as living in the city. It went fairly quickly, thank God. There is nothing more boring than sitting there with people having an entire conversation in front of you in which you can’t participate. Hell, I don’t even understand 75% of the words. Then A took me to the metzgerei (a butcher shop) to feed me because I was complaining of hunger (who would have guessed?). They had some sort of sausage with cheese in it. I said, “That sounds fab!” And indeed, it was fab. Very, very fabulous. It was like the best smoked sausage you could find at home, with this creamy cheesiness melting from the inside. They served it on this cross between a croissant and a ciabatta. AhhhMazing. It was a ray of light on an otherwise bleak and dreary day. I’m not being melodramatic here, it was dreary outside. It’s cold, first of all. And wet. And the sky is grey and everything just looks dull. I missed the sun, the warmth from home. The colorful clothes and just generally happier faces of Louisiana people. I must say, while some of the people here are good looking, I do believe the South has a higher ratio of pretty people to the general population. Just saying….


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