Adaptable Mamma is about to show just how adaptable she really is. Exciting adventures lurk just around the corner for this gal and her family- Husband has taken a teaching job in Germany! Let the fun times begin…

This week so far has been hectic and busy. Yesterday we loaded a container with our worldly possessions. I thought it was a bit ironic. Many, many years ago, my great and great-great-grandparents came over from Europe on boat, and here I am sending all my stuff back in the same fashion. As for me and the fam- we’re flying… with the dog. What? Did you think I could leave my first born here? Never. It’s been quite a hassle to get her ready for take-off though. The USDA has officials to sign off on papers that basically tell other countries pets/livestock are in ok health and aren’t harboring any serious disease or anything. Unfortunately, the Louisiana office closed last week. The day we were trying to get Penny’s papers done. Thank God for Fed-Ex, that’s all I can say.

There are a whole lot of people to see and I still need to actually pack my suitcases. Yeesh! I probably should be getting up off this sofa and starting on that ASAP.


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