He sees you when you’re sleeping…

Children do the darndest things. We’ve been working with O on the “no hitting” thing. It’s not really working. I try to be consistent (the hardest part is not laughing, because he’s just so damn cute sometimes). Husband’s reactions are varied, at best. They range from trying to distract O when I am trying to correct him, to just knocking him over when O keeps smacking him. So much for us being a team and implementing the same rules and regulations.

Somehow, amongst all of this, what has my son figured out? How to say “aih” and smack at the dog when she growls under the covers.  This is my apparent mode of disciplining the dog when she barks or growls when we are all trying to sleep. Well, I’m trying to sleep. Everyone else seems to be just fine.

So now we have to work on not hitting our friends or our doggies. Joy.


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