What a man, what a man…

I’m sitting here, seething. Waiting for the coffee to finish and resisting the urge to walk into the bedroom and suffocate my husband with a pillow. The only thing keeping me from doing so at the moment is the thought that I might accidentally wake up our son sleeping so peacefully (finally) next to him.

So, let me take a deep breath and reflect on some reasons why I love my husband… hmmm…. well… uhhh…

I’m only slightly kidding. Lack of sleep usually puts me in a nasty, bitchy mood (who would have guessed?). He does have his moments of glory. Like last week when he killed an intruder. Well, it was more along the lines of squishing a bug… But still, hubs really stepped up to the plate. I walked into the kitchen to find a huge roach on top of the refridgerator. I ran out screaming like Gaddafi’s army had just stormed the place ( I have a completely irrational fear of those things, and we live in the very deep South, so they are huge and no matter how much you pay for pest control, you will inevitably see them in your home once or twice a year). Hubs just shooed me away from the kitchen. He then proceeded to knock it onto the floor and smash it with something (disposable, he promised). Then he sprayed down the area with Tilex and assured me it was now safe to go back into the kitchen.

Alright, now that I think about it, Hubs isn’t so bad. I guess I’ll let him live. At least for today…


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