Left, left, left, right, left

There’s a March for Life rally or something in town today.

I don’t judge people who choose to terminate their pregnancies. I’ve seen women whose backs were against the wall and they had no support system to turn to. But then I look at O, sleeping in his crib in the early morning light. He can sense I’m standing there, as he rolls over in my direction and makes little sucking motions with his mouth in his sleep. Probably mixing memories and dreams of tasty milk. Despite the terrible timing of his entrance into the world,  wouldn’t give him up for anything. And then I wonder, if I hadn’t had such a sketchy reproductive system, if I hadn’t had nightmares of being childless forever, would I have made the same decision? I have to admit, when I saw those two pink lines, I was scared out of my mind. I had signed up for school and quit my job. How could I even afford to put a roof over his head?

So, I guess what I’m saying is that I’m not too sure about this marching for life thing. If it’s to raise awareness, fine. If the intent is to reach out to those who are scared and help them find the resources and the support they need in order to make it, then go marchers. But if y’all are just going out there to way posters and yell, then just stay home. Its cold outside this morning.