Cleared for take off

So by this point, most of the important people in my small world know about the baby. I’m 14 weeks, so I had to tell my classmates and clinical instructors. My little pot-belly is beginning to show and I think it’s more polite to tell, rather than make others have to ask. Telling my clinical instructor went well. She congratulated me and didn’t say I was doomed to fail out of the program. But her request for a doctor’s note turned out to be a bit of a headache. First I had to call the doc’s office and leave a message for the nurse. After playing phone tag for a few hours, I told her I needed a note. She said, “No problem. We’ll have one ready for you this afternoon.” Unfortunately, the note restricted me to lifting no more than 25 pounds. 25 pounds??? what the fudge? I’m pretty sure my anatomy book alone weighs 30 pounds. My instructor says I better clarify this with the doctor, because she’s not sure how much I could participate in clinicals and if I have some sort of complication, then maybe I should sit out until after the baby is born. (Oh crap!) Long story short, after pleading with the nurse, they wrote a revised letter clearing me of any restrictions as of now. Apparently, 25 pounds is the general recommendation my doctor gives, but he’s going to allow me to make wise decisions on my own for the time being. Which, if you really think about it, probably isn’t the best idea, either… I did accidentally get pregnant…


Playing Dress Up

I finally told my long-lost high school friend the news. We’d gotten closer in the time she lived back here, but now that she’s away again, I just find it hard to make the time to call or email. I’m a bad friend in that way, I guess. She congratulated me on the news after confirming that I was indeed happy about the situation. After discussing the wardrobe woes of moving to the North on an internship budget, she told me that things with her guy were moving to a more serious level of possibility. Then she asked if we were grown ups yet. I told her that I would never grow up, but I would wear lipstick and high heels for the illusion.